Monday, August 8, 2011

Difference Between Marble And Travertine - Part II

Travertine installation in Boca Raton
Marble Flooring Options Are Not For Everyone
Marble floors have become more common and is not an option for the wealthy only. Marble Flooring is a long lasting material and have become popular in both cool and warm climates, and can be found in households with kids and pets. It will add a great amount of value to your home giving a personal touch to it. 

Different vein patterns and colors are available for marble floors so that you are sure to find a flooring material suitable for your home or office. Keep in mind that marble floors must be professionally installed and maintained regularly due to its porous nature and can stain easily if not sealed the right way.

Travertine Has become Well Used For Centuries As A Building Material
It is apparent in some Roman structures including the famous Coliseum in Rome. It is one of the more popular natural stone options when constructing patios and garden paths. Travertine is known for its pitted holes and troughs in the surface and can be bought either as its natural form or filled by a professional. 

Travertine floors can be polished in varying degrees from non-reflective to add warmth and gentleness to your home or highly polished to add that gleam and hard finish to any business office. Sealer should be added to travertine floors in order to keep it from absorbing too much moisture through the natural holes and crevices in the material.

The Mortar Mixture Should Be Cautiously Prepared On The Installation Of Marble Or Travertine Because of The Wheight
When installing both marble and travertine floors there are some things to consider. Both natural stones are rather heavy and demand a stronger mortar mix since it needs to support the weight of the stones as opposed to what you may require for a lighter material such as ceramic tiles. 

To avoid moisture to get inside the stones through its holes, marble as well as travertine should definitely be sealed.



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