Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Zions Stone & Marble? Part I


We set:
Ceramic tile
- travertine - granite - marble - porcelain - saltillo -  mosaic tile - glazed tile - slate - slab - flagstone - tumbled stone - glass tile in all sizes, shapes & designs. 

We also float and waterproof all kind of surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, counter tops & backsplash.
Zion Stone & Marble is highly experienced in complete bathroom remodeling.

Free Estimate Bathroom Remodeler in Lauderhill, FL
Ceramic Tile Installation in Pembroke Pines

For 11 years we've doing nothing but working with ceramic tile related jobs. As part of our complete package we have a vast experience in installation of:

 Hardiebacker - Durock (cement board) - glass block - shower pan

Also travertine-Slate-Natural Stone. The list goes on and on: entryways, patios, store fronts, hallways or lobbies, fire places. You name it, we tile it. Custom residential and commercial designs.

Don't forget that our specialty is in complete Bathroom Remodeling. Showers, including shower pan installation, glass blocks and much more. Pick your dream bathroom from your favorite magazine and we will build it for you for a fraction of the cost with the precision a master.


Why Zions Stone & Marble? Part II

What Set Us Apart
The number one concern you should have when selecting a tile setter is quality. Tile setting demands time, dedication and commitment to achieve a great result. You can have that with us. You, for sure will have a great feeling when we leave your home and your project is complete. We receive tons of Thank You notes all the time.

Bathroom Remodeler and flooring in Boynton Beach
Flawlessness during tile setting
During the process of installation is essential that the surface is kept perfectly clean at all times. Why? Because if the surface has particles and debris the adherence can be compromised and the quality of the setting be reduced.

Money Saving Deal
If you haven't purchased your tile I can save you money by purchasing tile for you from all major tile distributors at builder's discounts. The selections are virtually endless and you can shop at some of the areas largest showrooms. Remember, our team can lay ceramic, travertine, slate, marble, or natural stone on floors, showers, back splashes, and counter tops.


A tile installation craft is something that can only be developed over time. We cannot be really good in just a few months. In order to become a master in the art of tile setting, years are necessary. We've been setting tile, marble since 2000. We've installed hundreds of thousands of square feet. In each tile that we install we aim absolute flawlessness.


Why Zions Stone & Marble? Part III

Raving Fans

Highly reputable commercial and residential clients publicly acknowledge the excellence of our services. When you hire us, you can stay assured you are hiring a friend. Someone that will not only be very strict about quality but also will treat you as a friend. For us at Zion Stone & Marble, Corp. that's so crucial.

 Some jobs done by Zion Stone & Marble, Corp.
floor desings

Custom Designs Bathroom Remodeling

Go the Extra Mile
A tiling project may be very demanding. Often, it's not a simple matter of tile installation. Sometimes we will need to work closely with you. We understand that. And that's part of how we operate our business. We will be there for you every step of the way. You can count on it.
Bathroom Remodeling in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes

Fully Insured
Zion Stone & Marble, Corp. is fully insured. This is fundamental. It's essential that a tile setter carry insurance. Since 2000 working in South Florida, we've seen and heard it all. Want peace of mind? Make sure your next tile setter is insured.

Here To Serve You
We understand that you may need to get us to do the work on a special time, evening, weekend... Just contact us and we will arrange to meet with you and perform your project at the time of your convenience. We are very very flexible.


We are always punctual. If you say 8:00 AM, that's when we will be there. We will keep you informed of project development every step of the way either by phone or email.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When Installing A Floor When And Why Should You Use Mortar Mixture? Part I

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Marble french pattern Installed by
Zion Stone & Marble
A Experienced Tile Contractor Will Use The Proper Product To Install  Your Tiles
One of the main important thing is to know the Right type of mortar or adhesive Mixture to use when  placing the tiles.The result will be much better when the correct products are used; a  smooth and beautiful floor that stays in its place, set up by an professional installer.

There are Many Kind Of Mix Contractors Use To Install The Tiles On  The Floor

Mortar Mix is an  adhesive Mix that is commonly used for many purposes in construction, which is a combination of sand and cement to support  building materials together, such as blocks and bricks.To be  easy to spread water is added to this Mixture making it thinner, once dry it will be hard and hold the  materials in place.

The Consistency Of  The Adhevise Is Based On How The Powder Is Mixed
Thinset  mortar is the greatest option for porcelain, ceramic and marble. You are able to find premixed produtcs however  when you Mix it yourself you can adapt the consistence properly.To make an adhesive that works for all kid of tiles Mix the powder  mortar.


When Installing A Floor When And Why Should You Use Mortar Mixture? Part II

Carefully Prepare The Mortar Mixture It Will Determine The Outcome Of Your Tile Installation
Any type of mortar  Mixture that you use will dry quickly, so only Mixture up  the amount you will be spreading in a short period of time.

You can  always make more  as needed. This will help guard against waste or a  mortar Mixture that is too stiff to work with effectively. You want a  smooth even coat of adhesive  when laying a floor to prevent creating  a floor that is uneven when it is finished.

Do Not Mixture More Than You Need Will  For The Next 30 Min To 1 Hour
Figure out how many tiles you will be putting down in 30 minutes and  Mixture just enough mortar Mixture for that amount.

Do not forget that the air temperature  will affect how quickly your mixture dris, but you can always  Mixture more along the plan.

Normally A Sub-floor Is Necessary Under The New Tile Flooring
If the existing  floor is very odd, you will want to put extra effort in  to the preparation of the floor prior to laying the tile. 

It is  possible to  fill large discrepancies with mortar Mixture, but in most cases this should  not be necessary.If the are serious  issues a new sub-floor is the best option before installing the tiles.

Avoid Losing Money. Get Knowledge If You Want To Lay Tiles By Yourself
Laying a floor tile is not an simple project and if you are a beginner, get  familiar, talk to experts, and take your time learning how to do it. 

Ask what type of mortar Mixture is  recommended for the type  of conditions and flooring you have  chosen. Taking your time to do enough research will result in a  better finished product.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ceramic Tile Installation in South Florida -Part I

Do You Know That Tile Can Be Installed In Your Bedroom And Living Room?
So you're intending about installing a new floor. Choosing the type of flooring is an important decision. Ceramic tile has many advantages over other types. Installation Of Ceramic Tile.
Porcelain Tile Installation by Zion Stone & Marble

Do You Know That Tile Can Be Installed In Your Bedroom And Living Room?
So you're thinking about installing a new floor. Picking Out the type of flooring is an important decision. Ceramic tile has many advantages over other types. Tile will let you to have a good variation of designs giving your home a extraordinary feeling. Tile is of simple care, quickly running a broom over it will do it, and can last for a long time..

Maintaining A Tile Floor Is Very Inexpensive
A carpet floor will require vacuuming often and once in a while steam cleaning in order to keep it clean.. Even with regular cleaning, high traffic areas will start to present wear after a few years. Wood floors, while stunning, do require care of the finish to maintain appearance. Wood floors will also scratch easily, and you might need to refinish it. Linoleum does have a few problems, it loses the color with time and can peel up.

Tile Backsplashes Are Wonderful When Set Up The Right Manner

Tile can be installed in often more areas that just your kitchen and your bathroom, did you know that? A good way to install tile in your kitchen can be creating a backsplash or a countertop. You can even install tiles around or above your fireplace, it will create an great focal point.


Ceramic Tile Installation in South Florida -Part II

Tile Has a Wonderful Versatility And Can Be Used In Every Room
Tiles can be installed in a shower wall, sink and tub backsplash as well as in wash rooms, foyers, mudrooms and patios. By tiling the entrance way of the home you can create a unique look, placing a ceramic tile star or medallion in the center.

 Tile Floor Layouts Are Unlimited
Tile patterns will range from a plain block pattern to more particular ones, usually used on a 45 degree turn.

Preparing The Floor The Correct Way Is The Secret For a Perfect Installation
Normally the existing floor needs to be removed, however the preparation for the ceramic tile installation in vary depending on the floor. Picking Out to just tile over the existing floor might cause some problems in the future.


Resurfacing The Subfloor Is Sometimes Necessary Before The Installation Of The New Tiles
The subfloor should be cleaned of all dust, including glue, nails, screws and dirt. If the subfloor is cement and has wide dips, it may require filling in before you can begin tiling. If the subfloor is wood the make sure it has not been weakened and lay cement backer such as Durock, to keep tiles from popping up later on. Ceramic tile can be used to add a particular look to your house, using a diversity of designs. It can be used on a backsplash, floor, and much more.. It is more durable, able to stand up to years of use, and simpler to clean. In many cases, a fast run over the tile floor with a broom and a mop is all that is needed to maintain it.