Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ceramic Tile Installation in South Florida -Part II

Tile Has a Wonderful Versatility And Can Be Used In Every Room
Tiles can be installed in a shower wall, sink and tub backsplash as well as in wash rooms, foyers, mudrooms and patios. By tiling the entrance way of the home you can create a unique look, placing a ceramic tile star or medallion in the center.

 Tile Floor Layouts Are Unlimited
Tile patterns will range from a plain block pattern to more particular ones, usually used on a 45 degree turn.

Preparing The Floor The Correct Way Is The Secret For a Perfect Installation
Normally the existing floor needs to be removed, however the preparation for the ceramic tile installation in vary depending on the floor. Picking Out to just tile over the existing floor might cause some problems in the future.


Resurfacing The Subfloor Is Sometimes Necessary Before The Installation Of The New Tiles
The subfloor should be cleaned of all dust, including glue, nails, screws and dirt. If the subfloor is cement and has wide dips, it may require filling in before you can begin tiling. If the subfloor is wood the make sure it has not been weakened and lay cement backer such as Durock, to keep tiles from popping up later on. Ceramic tile can be used to add a particular look to your house, using a diversity of designs. It can be used on a backsplash, floor, and much more.. It is more durable, able to stand up to years of use, and simpler to clean. In many cases, a fast run over the tile floor with a broom and a mop is all that is needed to maintain it.



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