Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tile Floors Over Carpet Part II

To Clean A Stained Carpet I Have To Use A Steam Cleaner

Carpet can stain very easy. It is a fabric-like material and if anything is spilled on it, it can be very difficult to clean. Dog and cat hair is also difficult to get out of carpet. Most of the time, vacuums just can't get through it and it ends up needing to be swept anyway. With children, stains are common place, just as, with pets and pet hair. However, with tile, a mop and some soap will clean just about anything off the floor.

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Imagine The Smell Of An Old Carpet

If you live in a state that has high humidity,such as Florida, the moisture gets everywhere and it can be worse in a house with carpet. If the moisture gets under the carpet it may start smell, giving a way to black mold, very common in Florida.


Tile Floor Can Save You Big Bucks Along The Year
With tile this is not a problem. Carpet can also trap the heat during the summer, while tile will keep cool. If you suffer from allergies, it is recommended by doctor to have tile. Tile is a wonderful and better choice if you have kids, pets, because of the easy maintenance it demands. Also if you have allergic reactions and live a humid state. Overall tile is considered better than carpet.

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