Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When Installing A Floor When And Why Should You Use Mortar Mixture? Part I

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Marble french pattern Installed by
Zion Stone & Marble
A Experienced Tile Contractor Will Use The Proper Product To Install  Your Tiles
One of the main important thing is to know the Right type of mortar or adhesive Mixture to use when  placing the tiles.The result will be much better when the correct products are used; a  smooth and beautiful floor that stays in its place, set up by an professional installer.

There are Many Kind Of Mix Contractors Use To Install The Tiles On  The Floor

Mortar Mix is an  adhesive Mix that is commonly used for many purposes in construction, which is a combination of sand and cement to support  building materials together, such as blocks and bricks.To be  easy to spread water is added to this Mixture making it thinner, once dry it will be hard and hold the  materials in place.

The Consistency Of  The Adhevise Is Based On How The Powder Is Mixed
Thinset  mortar is the greatest option for porcelain, ceramic and marble. You are able to find premixed produtcs however  when you Mix it yourself you can adapt the consistence properly.To make an adhesive that works for all kid of tiles Mix the powder  mortar.


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