Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tile Floors Over Carpet Part I

What Type Of Flooring Should I Get For My Home
With so many flooring options to choose from, picking one that suits any home can be a task in itself. Floor remodeling usually hangs in the balance between tile floors and carpet. Which is better? Which is cheaper? Which will be simpler to put down? Well, there are answers for these questions.

Pick The Floor That Meets Your Home Needs

Which is better? Well, that will depend on the person doing the restoration, that depends on the home also. Tile floors for example, are not suited for mobile homes, because the floors are made of wood. The installation is hard because a mobile home is built with everything already in its place.

Tile And Carpet Cost The Same. Each One Should I Get?
Tile and carpet normally run at about the same price these days, so cost is usually not an issue. Just choosing the right color tile and getting it put down. While carpet just needs to be nailed down with a little glue and some padding, tile does need a little more work. With scraping the old floor, setting the grout, and putting down the tile, it can get kind of messy, but that mess mops up with water and soap. The alternative is stains that you can never get out. 

See? Tile is a much better option. If you need a tile installer in South Florida, please visit our website:


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